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We create communication with medical laboratories!

Our goal is the effective usage of laboratory diagnostics in Ukraine.


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Consulting of the leading experts on the organization of laboratory processes and marketing.

New level of communication and interaction with medical laboratories.

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What does the interaction with MyLab mean?

Test preparation

  • Up-to-date list and prices for laboratory tests
  • Electronic laboratory referrals and online payment
  • Detailed information on test indicators
  • Individual plan on test preparation
  • Assistance with selection of laboratory tests
  • Online surveys for patients
  • Comparison of tests and prices in different laboratories
  • Finding the most suitaible place of sample collection

Receiving test results

  • 24/7 access to test results from any device
  • Individual normal range
  • Order status tracking
  • Different levels of reference range
  • Estimated date and time of test completion
  • Primary interpretation of test results
  • Notifications about test completion
  • Add tests to your order online for the sample taken earlier

Laboratory partners have access to up-to-date laboratory prices, collaboration programs, referrals and online register of specimens.

Laboratories all over Ukraine


More than four hundred thousand patients already receive test results, keep medical records and share them with physicians.


Thousands of physicians have shifted from paper referrals and instantly receive patient results using MyLab service.


Laboratory partners have access to current laboratory prices, partnership programs, online referrals and sample registration.

For developers

MyLab - wide opportunities
for medical IT projects

Multi-functional and secure API allows the implementation of various integration schemes with external systems, and the professional support service will ensure its continuous operation.

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What is LabID?

It is a login and a password for signing into MyLab account.

Why do I need LabID?

It is a secure and reliable way for authorization that guarantees the security of all personal data that will be transfered with the help of MyLab.

How do I get LabID?

LabID can be received in the laboratories that are using MyLab servise.